Saturday, February 18, 2006


David Bellion


He's mouthing off. He isn't very good, and was basically known for pace and thats about it. I wonder how Bellion actually thought he would be a starter?
Bellion: I lost my head, especially as the manager told me when I arrived I was going to be first choice on the right wing all season.
I'm not sure how he thought he would be better than Shaun Newton. Besides he's not even a good right wing, he's a bad out-and-out striker.
Stats from league games:

 GamesGoalsPens.AssistsShotsCorners wonSucc. CrossesFouls wonPasses failed

 Shots blockedTackles wonLast man tackleFouls conc.Pens. conc.Own goalsInterceptionsYellow cardsRed cards
200504030 0 3 0 0


Him and Aliadiere can f**k themselves - they were crap and didn't earn a chance end of story!

BTW nice steal form the official site pinski the old rotating WHU crest. :-) Keep up the good work mate.
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