Monday, March 13, 2006


Some of my best friends are ...

The worst defense to being called a racist is to use the "some of my best friends are" defense. I mean does it really prove you aren't racist, because you are nice to some people? It still may mean you make over derogatory over generalizations.

What is football about? Is it about winning? Is it about winning with the money you have?
Arsene has built an amazing squad with relatively limited resources compared to the other two major squads. Who should care about the lack of English players? The FA should but not by forceably creating roster spots. Instead they should give bonuses to clubs to develop English talent. Create acadamies that the lower leagues can use to their advantage. This would allow the lower league clubs to develop good young players and either get promoted OR sell young players for profit. It also would allow young players to stay at home. Even when the team gets into the Prem, then you give them two years in the Prem to take advantage of the academy. Letting the Premiership clubs take advantage of an academy team is clearly unfair.

I know that the FA has some sort of academy program already (I am pretty sure that Theo Walcott was involved). I was however unable to find any information on the web.

Basically Arsene has collected a deck of cards that are only hearts and diamonds. But lets not forget who he just signed, the aforementioned Theo. Why shouldn't he build his team with the best available parts at the best cost? Arsenal doesn't have the finances to go out and BUY an academy, something that Chelsea has been doing. So get over the fact that there were no English players in the squad. There would have been but for injuries.


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