Saturday, April 29, 2006


The Case For Marlon

England going into this season was sitting pretty at the forward position.
Owen had scored 13 goals in limited league time (20 starts and 15 subs) for Real Madrid. He joined Newcastle were he proceeded to almost save Souness' job. .
Rooney was looking to improve on his 9 goals in first season.
Defoe was looking to build off 13 goals in 28 games.
This year it has all gone wrong.
Owen then broke his foot against Tottenham. The losing returned for Newcastle and Souness got fired. Owen has since returned, but injury rumours are still there. He might be game fit in 6 weeks time, but its going to be a long road.
Rooney broke has now broken his foot in a losing effort against Premiership Champions Chelsea (saying that makes me sick). He is listed as out for 6 weeks, just enough time to be back right before the World Cup starts.
Defoe lost his place to Mido and Keane. There were questions going into the season about Owen's place in the squad if he wasn't starting for Real, so I don't see why the questions won't also exist for Defoe.
Both Sven and Rafa have an infatuation with Peter Crouch. The guy isn't any good, he doesn't score goals (6 in 31 games) he doesn't make goals (4 in 31 games).
I believe that Darrent Bent has to be on the team. There is no doubt in my mind that the 18 goals he has scored in the Premiership have earned him a spot.
If I were Sven (and how I wish, they guy gets more girls than a rock star), I would take 5 strikers. I would take both Rooney and Owen as long as they are semi-fit. I would take Darren Bent to be a starter. And I would take Jermain Defoe to be my backup to the backup (like I said who knows if Owen or Rooney are going to be fit enough to play). And finally (the entire point to this post) I would take Marlon.

Marlon has been good this season. He started the season slowly, by missing easy chances, but now has 14 goals and 4 assists in the Premiership. He is 21st in the Actim ratings (compared to Defoe's 45, Vassell's 74, and Crouch's 76). His goal scoring record in the Championship is similar to Bent's. He has scored in big games - Boro in the Semi-Final. He has a bright future, and getting at least one player on the England squad would be the cherry to this season (the whip cream will be us winning the FA Cup final).

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