Monday, May 01, 2006


US National Team

US team will be announced live on ESPN at 6 tonight.
Here is a list of media predictions

Here is my prediction:
GK (3)
Keller, Hahnemann, Howard

Arena has made some babblings towards bringing players that have been to the World Cup, and one idiot, seems to think that Meola, might make the team. I don't see how thats possible. I also don't like the fact that Hahnemann wasn't given a chance at all, so I'm already pretty sure that that choice is wrong.

D (8)
Gooche, Bocanegra, Chern, Lewis, Hejduk, Gibbs, Spector, Dunivant

Injury concerns are there for Carlos, but realistically he is still our best defender. Gooche is solid. Chern is a great RB. Gibbs if healthy will be a good backup. Dunivant's play in the lead up to the selection, required his name to be called. Lewis and Hejduk are really midfielders, but their play has been at the back, so i figure they are good backups for both.

MF (7)
Reyna, Donavon, Mastroeni, Olsen, Dempsey, Beasley, Convey

Look I really wanted to pick Adu. But considering I'm pretty sure that Olsen has been added to the lineup already, and the others all deserve to be there, I couldn't. I don't like the fact that Adu is getting treated like he can't play (at club level), seriously watch this video and tell me he can't play. The rest are the usual suspects. Though I feel we are really weak at DM because of O'Brien's injury.

F (5)
Johnson, McBride, Wolff, Twellman, Casey

Casey is the only surprise, that and the fact that I put Landon in the midfield. Thats how coach has been playing him, so thats where he goes. Besides until he proves that he can play at a level higher than MLS, I won't like him.

What would your team be?

Useful listing of players:

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